UbiMob 2013

9th annual french speaking days "Mobility and Ubiquity"


The technological evolution constantly opens new perspectives to exceed the usual computing usage contexts and migrate to physical and social contexts ever wider. These changes are now widely effective and result in the design, implementation and use of computing devices in advanced forms; both in terms of interaction and supporting computer system. These systems are automatically adapted to their execution environment, they exploit artifacts and physical properties, they are highly cooperative, etc.. Mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive aspects must then take a seat in the exploration and usage analysis of these new forms of computer systems.

In this context, the conference UbiMob aims to collect works from multiple disciplines - interaction, information systems, middleware, security, usability, social sciences and humanities - about the design, implementation, assessment and the use of these advanced systems with methodological, technical and applied point of view.

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Important Dates

5-7 june 2013 : UbiMob 2013 in Nancy, Lorraine, France


The conference proceedings will be open-access. They will have an ISBN number and be accessible on the HAL plateform.

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